Non-Surgical Therapies

As our beloved pets age, arthritis is a common issue they face. As a result, they walk more gently and are no longer able to participate in routine physical activities or climb into their favorite sleeping spots. Manchaca Village Veterinary Care is one of the few veterinarians in Central Texas that provide non-surgical, healing treatments including “Growth Factor,” to return the youthful spring to your loved one’s step.

Growth Factor is a type of naturally occurring bio-active protein within the body. These proteins are required for tissue functions including cellular growth and damage repair. Growth Factors spontaneously respond when cell injury or inflammation happens.

If your pet needs treatment for arthritis, wound care, kidney disease, or allergies, talk to your veterinarian about the non-surgical benefits of the therapies we offer.

Could non-surgical therapies be right for your pet?  Call us for a free consultation with one of our veterinarians.

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