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We are here to service the cities of Austin, TX, Buda, TX, Manchaca, TX, Kyle, TX, San Marcos, TX, New Braunfels, TX, Driftwood, TX, Del Valle, TX, Cedar Creek, TX, Lockhart, TX and more!

If you live in South Austin, Manchaca, San Leanna or Buda, Manchaca Village Veterinary Care is your full-service, neighborhood vet. We’ve been taking care of the community’s pets since 1975, giving us many years to establish a time-tested standard of service. Manchaca Village Veterinary Care is committed to providing low-stress, comprehensive vet care to our patients, to enhance their well-being and quality of life.
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★★★★★ We have tried a few different veterinary clinics and this is by far the best we've visited. The doctors and staff were amazing. They made us and our pups feel welcome. I would definitely recommend this location for anyone looking for a trusted clinic.Sarah B.Sarah B. ★★★★★ Always the best care. I k ow my animals are taken care of as if they were the vet and staffs own.james S.james S. ★★★★★ Always feel so welcomed and taken care of when we bring our pup here. We’re always able to get in when we need an appointment, we get follow up calls checking in after our appointments and the technicians/doctors always have great bed side manner. So grateful we found MVVC!!Jessi C.Jessi C. ★★★★★ They've been so amazing so far. Caring and actually worry about your pet. I will be continuing to go with my fur babiesSpooky D (.Spooky D (. ★★★★★ They're a great staff. I like how this staff cares for our love ones..david R.david R. ★★★★★ Can’t recommend MVVC enough! We had to bring our dog in as an emergency as our normal vet was not available and I was so happy they were who we ended up with! Our pup ended up having an aggressive cancer at his old age, and they did so much to help us out.Gabbie A.Gabbie A. ★★★★★ The personnel took good care of the dog giving him all of the needed medicine and checking him for any problems.Pal S.Pal S. ★★★★★ Super friendly and professional staff also nice priceRicardo M.Ricardo M. ★★★★★ Hippo has more fun at the Vet than she does at the dog park. Everyone is so friendly and makes her feel like the main character that she thinks she is.We love Dr. O, Leta & Beth! We refer all of our friends to this compassionate, trustworthy, and knowledgeable crew for a reason. They’re the best!(Actual photo of her during her visit this week for allergies!)Krista A.Krista A. ★★★★★ exceptional caring and in-tuned staff!Jude M.Jude M. ★★★★★ Very friendly and compassionate staff . They follow up regularly and are super helpful!Aditya R.Aditya R. ★★★★★ The staff and vets at manchaka veterinary clinic helped my family through some of the hardest times. They are professional caring and wonderfulSteve L.Steve L. ★★★★★ Doctor and Staff were friendly, attentive, knowledgable and caring. Easy to book an appointment and great availablilty, especially as a new patient.Paula S.Paula S. ★★★★★ I have had nothing but great experiences at Manchaca Village Vet Care. All of the staff are very friendly and when my dog had to have surgery they were so responsive to all of my questions and made me feel truly informed when I had to make the decision to go ahead with it or not. I am so glad to have such caring providers to make sure my fur baby is always taken care of!Kristin K.Kristin K. ★★★★★ Absolutely love this vet clinic. I’ve used them for my current and past dog. The compassion, expertise and love they share is top notch. I’ve gone through diagnosis, treatment and end of life with my last dog who was only 3 from lymphoma and every step of the way was heartfelt. My current dog Toby loves the staff and the vets are open minded and patient when it comes to treating issues outside the box. I’ll be a customer for life!!Priscilla O.Priscilla O. ★★★★★ The staff is wonderful and takes great care of our doggos!Devon H.Devon H. ★★★★★ Manchaca Village Vet has been serving our cat and 2 dogs for a couple years. They have helped us through heart worm treatment, checkups, and dental cleanings. Dr. Lubitz is so compassionate, caring and does not order unnecessary tests. MVV pricing is good and they try to always be respectful of our budget without sacrificing service. We live 1 hour away and there are many vets closer, however I do mind driving the extra miles for the best. l highly recommend Manchaca Village Vet.Joanne M.Joanne M. ★★★★★ My sister & I have the highest praise for the professional care available at Manchaca Village. The customer service is excellent as well!Patrick J.Patrick J. ★★★★★ Amazing people (:BB LBB L ★★★★★ The team at MVVC and the care they provide are terrific. They take great care of our pup!K SK S ★★★★★ They’ve been extremely good to my cat! Got her in quickly when I messaged and called to schedule. We had her scheduled and her surgery completed in less than a week from the initial appointment. Super supportive of my decisions in her care and helpful in making decisions. Kind staff and Dr Wise has been wonderful! When I was going to take my cat to the ER, the other vet ordered meds to help her and prevent the whole trauma for her and me. I’m super grateful for everything!Ariss M.Ariss M. ★★★★★ We moved into Austin from San Marcos about two years ago and began using Manchaca Veterinary.....they are wonderful and Dr. Lubitz has gone out of her way to help us with our cat who recently became diabetic.....all the Doctors are wonderful. Great team.Ed J.Ed J. ★★★★★ From end to end this is the best vet I’ve had the pleasure of bringing a pet to. They have made us feel so welcome and taken such good care of Molly, I can’t recommend enough!Christy J.Christy J. ★★★★★ Only Vet I will go to...been going since late 90'sjackie S.jackie S. ★★★★★ Everybody that works at Manchaca Village Vet Care are so warm and welcoming . The doctors are very patient and they answer every question we have and take time to explain everything. They are very responsive to emails and sends files , answers to any questions we have promptly! We absolutely love taking our pet for check ups and highly recommend this place. 🙂harshitha R.harshitha R. ★★★★★ This week, the winter storm left me in a bind. While my regular vet had power outage, my dear tabby Logan started having tummy trouble and not eating or drinking for several days. I called my insurance vet line and they said he needed to be seen immediately. I waited a stressful night, searching for a vet, while his symptoms worsened. This morning I googled and Manchaca Village was open early at 7 AM. I called and they picked up immediately and were so sweet and professional. They were able to book me same day. I was so stressed out and worried, and they both comforted me and validated the urgency. The staff treated me like family, calling me Logan's mama and I am! Scarlette did a very thorough checklist and I explained his escalating symptoms.Then we met Dr. Tomlin. He was courteous and professional and told me I was absolutely right to bring him in. He did a physical exam, while my cat started to feel better and be very aggressive. He determined lots of functions were normal, but he was dehydrated. I okayed the other tests, and Logan was a total jerk and scratched the tech! They assured me this happens often, but I felt awful! They explained it was a good sign that he was no longer lethargic and feeling better. On Dr. Tomlin's excellent and compassionate advice, I decided against sedation as his aggressiveness made not as safe for my cat. They prescribed anti-nausea med and topical appetite stimulant, and advised I seek ER tonight if he continued vomiting. He was patient and generous with his time, explaining each step in detail, and explaining our options when Logan was too angry at the techs. I left, feeling well informed and comforted, knowing I'd made the right choice to try the RX over the sedation that could have dropped his blood pressure.It's been all day, and his symptoms have improved wildly. He was too aggressive for the nausea pill, however I easily applied the stimulant to his inner ear. He took a long nap and is now eating and drinking water with abandon. He is even acting affectionate already, bucking into my hand and jumping up to the food container, begging. I am so relieved and grateful this vet provided me with excellent and thorough care, treating us like dear family members. In an impossibly stressful situation due to the weather, it means the world to me they took us as a new patient and saw us same day. He is currently sitting in his cat tower, wagging his tail, looking out the dark window. A vast improvement from this morning, when he pathetically perched on the top of it and stared at me with sad tired eyes.I am just beyond grateful to Dr. Tomlin and Scarlette and their compassionate and caring team. If I lived closer to this location, they would be my permanent vet, no contest. I am sure he will continue to improve, and I will continue the stimulant for several days and watch him carefully. I have been spared an expensive ER visit and I am confident he will be back to his old self in no time. I hope his tech is doing very well; the staff are angels. Thank you so much!Amber A.Amber A. ★★★★★ Highly RecommendRicky M.Ricky M. ★★★★★ Super nice people there. Make you feel like you are the only patient. Thorough explanations.Val R.Val R. ★★★★★ Our dogs love going to the vet now, & they always used to be terrified of our previous ones. Thank you for taking such great care of our pups!LizLiz ★★★★★ I have been taking my fur baby's to MVVC for several years now. Not only are they in a very convenient location for me the staff are always professional and provide the utmost care for my pups!Wayne PWayne P ★★★★★ Dr. Tolson, Scarlette, and Jasmine went above and beyond for our dog. I came home from work to find she had gotten into chocolate and consumed a lethal amount. I called them and they were able to fit me in immediately. They took action quickly to induce vomiting and they were able to successfully get all of it out of her system. After a night of rest, she is her full self again! They called me first thing the following day to check on our sweet girl. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone at Manchaca Veterinary Clinic.Rawan ARawan A ★★★★★ My Doo's family (Dogs) love their doctors, they are always well attended.Annabell C.Annabell C. ★★★★★ So sweet and caring about my pets. Very thorough and explain all cost.Abigail O.Abigail O. ★★★★★ I have been coming here since 2005. The only vet in Austin that I trust to take care of my pets. They sincerely care so much about your pet and treat them as if they are their own. I love this team and I will always bring my pets here!Carissa D.Carissa D. ★★★★★ Great vet! My boyfriend recommended them to me since he’s had such a great experience with his dog there the past few years, and they didn’t disappoint! Very friendly, welcoming, and attentive staff. Dr. Wise was great with my kitty, answered all my questions, and was very invested in my cat’s well-being, taking lots of time to walk me through everything. And they played bird sounds and had calming scents in the room so my cat was very relaxed. Normally she gets aggressive at the vet but did great here! Very impressed all around!Sarah M.Sarah M. ★★★★★ What a great group. They go outa their way to make sure you are taken care of, whether in office, calls, DM, or emailJames O.James O. ★★★★★ Excellent Vet Clinic! I bring both my dog and my cat here for all of their regular checkups, as well as anything else that ever comes up. They have a very compassionate approach and are beyond accommodating when it comes to ensuring that my pets' needs are met. I'll continue to be a loyal customer here for a long time to come!Zane N.Zane N. ★★★★★ They lovingly cared for my love Honey, during her final moments. Thank You ❤❤❤Cammie T.Cammie T. ★★★★★ Chose them when I needed to have my pet seen right away. They were very accommodating with my schedule and took such great care of my fur baby. The staff are so caring. Made them primary vet for my babies.Celeste C.Celeste C. ★★★★★ Hands down the best vet I have ever brought my dogs too. They are so kind and caring and wonderful at getting sick dogs in to the office quickly to get them treated. I had a mini emergency with my new puppy this week and they were able to get me in to see the vet the same day, figured out what was wrong, began treatment, and before the night was over my puppy was doing SO much better. I’m so grateful for this wonderful vet office and the sure amazing employees!Caitlyn G.Caitlyn G. ★★★★★ MVVC's staff handles and dotes on my dog like as if he were their own. And unlike my personal doctor, the veterinarians here take all the time I need to be educated and answer all my questions. Never a rush and always the very best care you can get! Lastly, receptionists at MVVC are patient and accommodating, no matter how busy they may be.Rob A.Rob A. ★★★★★ We just LOVE everything about Manchaca Villiage! We are treated so kindly, and with love from all members of their wonderful staff team. I especially appreciate the way you are provided with an estimate of what the low and high range costs could be for your visit. I’ve not had that before and it’s beyond helpful. I also love the pet app we get to use as it makes scheduling visits so easy. Keep it up!! ♥️ Wilma May’s momKasie T.Kasie T. ★★★★★ Excellent service. From simple vaccinations for our new puppy to full on surgery to remove cancer they do great work. Friendly and knowledgeable staff with affordable prices.Corey M.Corey M. ★★★★★ After moving to the area I searched for a veterinary clinic suitable for my furry friend and let me tell you, this place was amazing! They booked my appointment on short notice and the staff was very helpful. On the day of the appointment(the next day) I could feel a high level of morale in the clinic. Every staff member I encountered were super nice. The office was clean, organized, and quiet. The staff handled my furry friend with extreme care and love. They actively listened to my concerns and offered expert advice for those concerns. It was an absolute pleasure of an experience. 5 star treatment for sure! Thanks for an easy and painless encounter. Highly recommend!Patrick S.Patrick S. ★★★★★ We've been going to Manchaca village vet for over three decades now, they're always the clinic I recommend to my friends in town. The staff is always super kind, whether you're just in for a quick tech visit or saying goodbye to a member of the family with their help. We love them and will continue to use them all long as we're nearby.Mallorie LMallorie L ★★★★★ Everyone is always so nice and welcoming!Stevie.ScribblesStevie.Scribbles ★★★★★ Very nice doctor and staff 👌 ! taking care of my baby Lucky . did a great jobYuki A.Yuki A. ★★★★★ This place is amazing. They always take care of my Boomer and are always friendly. So happy I come here for my dog.Alex M.Alex M. ★★★★★ The veterinarian has continued to help my pets successfully.Gina R.Gina R. ★★★★★ I started taking Amethyst to this Vet clinic initially after adopting her. It was super convenient since it was about 5min from home. We truly got lucky, staff is very professional/helpful and friendly. Amethyst does not seem stressed or scared, the techs and vets do a wonderful job to assure her she’s in good hands. I moved to RR last year and I still make the drive to south Austin because I truly trust this facility. The past two times we’ve visited, we met with Tech Dia and another with Dia+Dr Lubitz for an annual. You can tell they love what they do.Nancy R.Nancy R. ★★★★★ Always very responsive and sweet with the pets Dr. O is the best Vet in town hands down! Thank you for taking care of Cooper!Christophe J.Christophe J. ★★★★★ 10/10 recommendation for this office for pet needs!! 100% communication about everything you need! Answers the phone quickly and answered all of my questions. I brought my dog Venus who is high anxiety and hard to manage. They were able to sedate her safely to do the exam, shots and nail trim! Vet himself called to explain what she needed and vet tech called to let me know when she was done for a drop off appointment! I can’t explain enough how nice and understanding they were for me! I will be a forever customer for my pet needs! Thank you for taking such good care of her!! ❤️Molly S.Molly S. ★★★★★ Very patient and friendly! They always take care of our pets as if they were their own!!tania A.tania A. ★★★★★ They took amazing care of my very sick dog! They took her in instantly without any questions, they gave her everything she needed instantly. She wasn't breathing well when I took her in, they literally saved her life. I will always take my dogs there.Rosa A.Rosa A. ★★★★★ Wonderful experience at Manchaca Village Veterinary Care. The staff is very friendly and informative. The clinic provides amazing communication.Yadira I R.Yadira I R. ★★★★★ Always very good.Ramona G.Ramona G. ★★★★★ My puppy wasn’t feeling that great so I brought him in and was explained everything and my puppy was treated with care. I’m very happy with my experience and will be returning for all my dogs needs . Thank youJesus J.Jesus J. ★★★★★ This place is so lovely. The staff really loves animals. There's a little play yard for doggies and it smelled clean inside!SheaShea ★★★★★ We've been taking our 19 yr old cat to Manchaca Village Vet for treatment of her chronic kidney disease for over a year, and we like them so much that we decided to move our dog to their vet care too. We especially appreciate that we never feel rushed here. Dr. Tolson took the time to explain his treatment recommendations, even drawing illustrations for us. The whole staff was clearly experienced at handling anxious dogs with care and gentleness, which helped put us all at ease. We love the "happy visits" recommendation to help our beloved dog get used to going there and do our best to make it a positive experience for her.B WB W ★★★★☆ We came in from out of town, and they helped us quickly with our injured dog. He had sprained his paw.Susi D.Susi D. ★★★★☆ I hope to update this review, for the 5th star because I believe it’s there. I think my fur fam needs more visits with MVV for them to warm up. Granted our visit was the last one (5:20pm) on a Monday (ick) I was grateful they were open til 6pm. Adam was a life savior for my nervous old canine. At the end of a Monday I’ll give staff some leeway, as I’d expect anyone to give me.But I must say Adam was a stand out staff member. I feel like I would adopt more pets knowing I have such a great place down the road. Thanks MVVJon-Erik G.Jon-Erik G. ★★★★☆ Great staff, quiet location. Treat my dog like family. Only wish they were open in the evenings and all day on Saturday.Monica A.Monica A. ★★★★☆ Welcoming and great service!Katie B.Katie B.js_loader


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The staff was very attentive to my creature’s needs (affectionately speaking….my fur baby). He was their priority. That means everything to me.

Lisa F.

Buddy’s first doctors visit in Austin and he loved the doc and the assistants! They were so calm and caring! He used to shake really bad at the drs office but not here! First visit was the best so definitely recommend.

Donna H.

The vet care services are very affordable and the staff treat our fur babies like rock stars.

Monica A.


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