Laser Surgery

Manchaca Village Veterinary Care is proud to offer laser surgery. Your pet will experience less bleeding and pain, and they will have a quicker recovery period. The laser replaces the scalpel and is commonly used for spays, neuters, declaws, tumor removals, eyelid and gingival surgery. This carbon dioxide laser produces an invisible beam of light that can remove one precise layer of tissue at a time. This can reduce your pet’s postoperative recovery time, leading to a quicker return to normal activities.

Advantages include:

  • LESS PAIN– The laser seals nerve endings as it cuts, so your pet may require less anesthesia during the operation, also reducing pain after the surgery.
  • LESS BLEEDING– The laser seals small blood vessels during the surgery, greatly reducing blood loss. This is a great advantage during more complex surgeries such as spays (ovariohysterectomies) and neuters (castrations).
  • LESS SWELLING– Laser energy does not crush, tear or bruise the tissue because there is no physical contact with the tissue.

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