Rebekah has always known she wanted to work in a career field that involved animals. During her childhood in Harlingen, TX, she spent much of her @me around both her pets and the animals at her friend’s ranch. ACer gradua@ng high school in 2015, Rebekah knew she wanted to pursue a career in wildlife and conserva@on. Currently, Rebekah is studying Conserva@on Science and Wildlife Management at Aus@n Community College while working in her Client Care Specialist role. She enjoys the @me she spends around animals every day, while working toward finishing her degree.

Rebekah loves to crochet and spend @me with her dogs, Tonks and Draco. She also currently prac@ces Jiu Jitsu and has previously studied Krav Magra. Like many Aus@nites, she also enjoys exploring the Hill Country and going on food adventures.

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