Wellness Ultrasound Scans

Manchaca Village Veterinary Care now offers high-resolution ultrasound diagnostics to identify internal abnormalities before they become destructive or unmanageable. Early detection is key to longer life and lower healthcare costs. After the age of 6, your pet has reached middle age–a time in their lives when internal abnormalities are more likely to develop. Also, knowing that some breeds are susceptible to certain conditions, a preventative scan is time well spent.

This proactive procedure scans the entire abdominal cavity, which generates an image that can ease your mind or reduce the chances of advanced complications.

Facts about the wellness scan:

  • Fast, non-invasive and thorough
  • Provides more detail than standard x-rays
  • Early detection of abnormalities
  • Preventative peace of mind
  • Add years to your pet’s life
  • Save on long-term costs

Feel free to call us if you have questions about this elective screening service, or talk to your veterinarian during your pet’s physical exam.