On occasion, a client will be unable to treat their sick or injured pet due to financial constraints, even if the pet is young and otherwise treatable. Any unexpected bill can be difficult, veterinary costs included. This is where pet insurance is worth taking a closer look at.

Manchaca Village Veterinary Care has no direct affiliation with pet insurance companies, but is happy to pass along information about what your options are, so you can make informed decisions. In all insurance cases, it is your responsibility to submit your veterinary receipts to your insurer for compensation, since we do not communicate directly with these companies outside of verifying medical services.

There is great variation in the offerings, premiums, deductibles and limitations of the various pet health insurance policies. Some cover emergencies only, and some cover preventative care. Some offer financial incentives for insuring pets at a very young age, and some offer less-restrictive coverage in exchange for higher premiums. Also, breed-specific limitations exist with many policies, so it’s worth reading the fine print.

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