Know Your Airline’s Pet Policies

Flying to Frankfurt with Fido? Make sure it’s possible first! Airlines routinely change their pet travel policies, so before you travel (whether it’s domestic or international) be sure to call or check your airline’s pet travel policy page.

Every airline has very specific fees and policies. Breed, age, carrier and classification restrictions apply. We’ve listed popular US carrier pet pages and phone numbers here for your convenience:

Travel Health Certificates
Airlines require pet travelers to be vaccinated, and a health certificate from a licensed vet generally within a week of travel.  Manchaca Village Veterinary Care can provide vaccination documentation and a health certificate for established clients. Please call us at 512-838-2273 with any questions you may have about getting your pet’s documentation ready.

More Helpful Info
This article offers and excellent summary of pet air travel information. It covers:

  • Traveling with Emotional Support and Service Animals
  • Hidden airline and credit card perks for traveling with your pet
  • Long Domestic and International flights
  • Extended Stays
  • Military Service Relocations and Policy Exceptions
  • Convenient Summaries of Airline Pet Travel Policies for Fast and Easy Comparison
  • Top 15 US Airports’ Pet Relief Areas