MVVC Teams Up with LOFTY DOG to Serve Advice and Ice Cream!

Dr. O will spend some time at the nearby Lofty Dog location to talk to dog owners about whatever is on their minds, as well as give away treats and clinic discounts. Lofty Dog will also be offering 15% off in-store products. Bring your dog and join us for a sweet and educational start to your Sunday! Lofty Dog will open 2 hours earlier than normal to host this event.


  • FREE Ice Cream by Amy’s Ice Cream
  • FREE Advice from your Veterinarian, Dr. O
  • FREE Frozen Dog Treats
  • 15% Product & Service Discounts from Lofty Dog and MVVC

Lofty Dog
1807 West Slaughter Lane, Ste. 325, Austin, TX 78748
Sunday, August 19, 2018
10:00am – 12:00pm


New, Enhanced Ultrasound Diagnostics at MVVC!

Manchaca Village Veterinary Care has gone into contract with Oncura Partners to integrate an exciting upgrade to our ultrasound technology!

We now have the capability of performing interactive ultrasounds. This provides us with real-time assistance from veterinary ultra-sonographers in capturing the best images for diagnosing conditions, and allows for rapid interpretation and turn-around. Ultrasound technology provides information that can be invaluable in diagnosing a pet’s condition. It is a painless and non-invasive way to examine a pet’s internal organs. And with this enhanced technology, spectacular clarity and resolution make diagnosing a condition move accurate than ever.

Also, the ever increasing percentage of senior and geriatric pets in our practice demands that we incorporate preventative diagnostics for EARLIER detection. Blood panels, urinalysis and radiographs are a good start, but will not detect most occult and early cancers in older pets. The integration of enhanced ultrasound technology is an early detection step that creates tremendous value for pets and pet parents.

Manchaca Village Veterinary Care is excited about this upgrade!


MVVC sponsors Manchaca Fire Dept. Puppy, “Boots!”

Introducing “Boots,” the firehouse puppy we’re sponsoring for Manchaca Fire Rescue Station#503.

“Boots” was found wandering around South Austin the last week of January. A couple of ladies saw him and thought it was strange that a puppy was out all alone. They searched long and hard for the owner, but were unsuccessful.

Boots had no name tag or microchip to identify him by. Wanting to find a good home for Boots, they dropped him off at Manchaca Fire Rescue on Brodie Lane. One of the firefighters took him home for the night until he could make other arrangements to find Boots a good home.

The next day, Nathan Mendenhall, Fire Prevention Specialist, saw Boots and after a brief introduction, decided Boots was a good puppy to take home so he could get used to kids and people. Mendenhall’s family had been looking for a dog and talking about getting one for some time.

Mendenhall stated, “The goal for Boots is for him to get trained to be around kids and not to nip people, so that hopefully some day Boots can be taken to schools and public events for Fire Prevention talks.”

In the meantime, you can find Boots hanging out at the fire stations during the workday on most days getting used to firefighters and station life (or getting his preventative care checkups and vaccinations at MVVC!)


KXAN interviews Dr. Smith on Pet Allergies.

Pets suffer from allergies too! Check out the interview with Dr. Smith!


Successful New Stem Cell Therapy for treating Arthritis.

As our beloved pets age, arthritis is a common issue they face. They walk more gently, and they no longer are able to climb into their favorite sleeping spots. MVVC is now providing a revolutionary Stem Cell Therapy treatment to return the youthful spring to your loved one’s step.
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