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Street view of our hospital.

Our entrance is at the rear of the building, via a pleasant covered patio, away from the street.

View of the dog park from the patio entrance.

Our dog park... a relaxing place to hang out before or after your appointment.

A view of the dog park and patio entrance from behind the property.

Within the dog park area is backup boarding facilities, which is secure, climate controlled and monitored.

Lobby view #1... waiting area. While you're waiting, enjoy free coffee or water, watch TV, listen to relaxing music, read some magazines, or get online via our free wifi.

Our feline exam room, infused with odorless stress-reducing pheromone.

One of our 3 exam rooms, featuring a lift exam table for larger dogs.

One of our lift tables.


Our brand new kennel and tech exam facility! Pictured here are exam tables and our larger-dog runs.

On the west side, we have small and medium-size dog cages.

Our wash facility.

Small and medium-sized dog kennel wall.

East wall featuring large dog kennels and number-coded cubbies for pet's belongings.

A view of both kennel banks, separated by exam furniture.

Our large-dog runs feature built-in floor drains on angled floors, so our guests are never laying in puddles. Also featured are drop-down "seats" that dogs can lay on if they're so inclined. Owners may being beds to place on top of these shelves.

Our main wash tub has room for most extra-large dogs, splash walls and water-proof textiles and cabinetry. It also features a drop-down ramp for dogs that are too large to lift.

Our cubby system, with it's labels identifying each cage, ensures no pet's food or belongs ever get misplaced.

Tech Exam area, wash and boarding facilities.

Our on-site pharmacy for your convenience.

Dental and X-Ray room.

In-House Lab area

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